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I created this hand-heater when i was living at the mountains of Pindos(winter of 2002).I was thinking how to use fire from a candle to warm up my hands for playing guitar and i came up with a simple solution.. in our time we handle fire througth electricity(!)... so i took two plastic cups(its the back of the points that hold our plugs in the wall)and muched them with the open side facing each other,i used their screws(2 for each I had 4 holes) to hold them together.I installed a cable,a small 7watt lamp(to prevent overheating)and a plug... This idea came up with extras!!! I had the thougth that i could use that low light for late hours,cups slide and open a 2-4cm gap,the screws installed by pair in opossite way and so hold the construction from opening completly.I was really amazed when i saw the remarkable fact that small pre-cutted gaps in plastic where spreding beatutifull 3D(!!!)picture lights in the wall.